miercuri, 3 martie 2010

All I want..

girl, swing, vintage
All I want is to be in other places with other people, the same sky and  the same sun.To look  the sun and feel free, like a bird.I really can't stand this people anymore.This people who don't know what really means life.I want all the spotlights to shine on me.To prove world what I really am, not what they said about me.I want to be one in million not the others clone.I want my own planet.Where my dream will became true.
A white house, with pink shutters, a good book.A beautiful sun after a wonderful rain.A swing under a green tree.I want what's mine.I don't wanna be hopeless anymore.I see already my child playing and my husband says to me that I'm the only girl he loves.And than kiss him countless and he hold me tight.Do you have dreams? Do you dream like me?

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