miercuri, 3 martie 2010

This girl.

Love you 'cuz you are, every single star.In the constellation, that’s enlightening my heart.Special gift from Jah, wherever you are.Girl you got more presence than a hundred Santa Clauses,And I know we’ll stand together when the world falls down.And I know that our forever’s gonna start right now, yeah.
 You told my all these words.I belived you.But now it's just a poem.Don't have something in it.There are simply word for us today.I named you Assi.Do you remember Assi when you say all these thinghs? I know very well this moment.In a night.. a summer night under a tree, when i feel for first date your lips.Yeaah this night I'll never forget it I promise.When I remember this moment or say someone I begin to cry.Now..you say hard words that hurt me.When I talk with you Assi you can see my love for you? I hope yes.I really hope..I..I still hope.Know that I say all these words with tears in eyes.Do you ever forget me? Maybe..No.You fogot all what we was between us.Yeah..This is it.

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