miercuri, 3 martie 2010


You,guys,don’t know everything we,girls,do for you.You,guys,don’t know that we,girls,find everything related to you.Lyrics,quotes,movies-everything.You,guys,doný know that we,girls,could stay up late in the night just to wait for you to get online and talk for a while.You guys,don’t know how we,girls, feel when you you’ve got to go,and the ‘Goodbye part begins’.You,guys,have no ideea of how many fights we,girls,could have had with our parents ot friends just to go out or to talk to you.You,guys,don’t know that we,girls,walk a little faster or take different ways at school just to make it an accidentally way to say ‘Hi’.You,guys,won’t ever understeand why we,girls,are so complicated…well is because of you,guys.♥

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